日期: 31/12/2021

A Taste of the Metaverse - The Sky The Limit

Metaverse is hot recently. It is the latest concept of future living combining different technology sectors like virtual reality, blockchain technology & computer-generated environment that people could interact with others inside. Many scientists believe that it will change the way we live, work and have fun in the coming future. More and more people are starting to understand what exactly metaverse is, and what it could do to improve our life.


Metautopia is a local community that aims to educate young people with this latest technological concept. The organisation invited our students to their workshop located at one of the most innovative art exhibition galleries, Artistsverse. The lecturer of the organisation gave the students a chance to explore this latest technology. The whole workshop was recorded by Television Broadcasts Ltd (TVB).


It is glad that while having this very unique experience of exploring the latest technology, our students could have a chance to share their feeling in front of the public. Everyone there could definitely feel how excited our students were on the day.


Our school believes that learning experience should not be bounded. Exploring the world with the knowledge equipped inside and outside the classroom helps our youngsters develop their future. We will explore as many opportunities as we can so that these little pioneers may step even further. The sky the limit.